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Craignish . Argyll . Scotland

Fine silver and gold Hawthorn leaf pendant


Fine silver Hawthron leaf pendant with one side coated with 24 karat gold on gold plated chain (please contact me if you would prefer a sterling silver chain).

The Hawthorn leaf was painted with many layers of fine silver before being kiln fired. During the firing proces the leaf burnt away and the silver sintered together creating a fine silver version of the real leaf. 24 Karat gold was then painted on to add gold accents before the leaf was refired and finally burnished and polished.

Each piece created in this way is a one off and completely unique. Please contact me if you would like a pendant or a pair of earrings (or a single earring) similar in a different size and I'll search for leaves to suit you - or you can collect and send me leaves of your choice. Prices will vary depending on the size. You can leave as fine silver or have as much or as little 24 karat gold as you wish.